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Exercise is one of the most important things in our lives but also one of the hardest to do and to maintain.
Exercise does not only keep you overall healthy, it is also a way to prevent or treat injuries.
A lot of people have a complete misunderstanding of exercise and when and how to apply it.
You don't have to spend hours in a gym to get the benefits you need. But what you need to do, is to get into a daily routine and keep it consistent.

Health and fitness is a personal journey.

Each person's body respond differently and needs to be treated individually.

In order to be healthy, you don't need to perform at an Olympic level, just be consistent.

Fitness is more a mental battle than a physical one.

I believe...

Health and Fitness Coach


Weight-Loss specialist

Yes, I want to know more!

Yes, please!
I need a coach!

Oh yes!
I want to lose weight!

You found the person that can help you with that!

I would like to now more about your biokinetic services!

Chronic diseases or injuries can affect a person’s life tremendously.
Biokineticists investigates how one’s ability to exercise is affected by a chronic disease or injury and how exercise can be used to treat such disorders.
Proficiency as a biokineticist requires a knowledge base that includes the fields on anatomy, physiology, chemistry, biology and psychology. 

Exercise is one of the most underutilized drugs in the world. By applying the correct exercises, you can reduce or even get rid of an injury or complaint.
We tend to always focus on the big muscles and forget about the small stabilizing muscles which will give you support, and help you enjoy your life without constant pain and discomfort.

Suffering from an injury?

Struggling with a chronic disease that debilitate your life?

Wanting to perform your best in a specific sport/event?

Or wanting to lose weight?

Are You...

A biokineticist with over 15 years experience and many success stories to share!

You can achieve any goal you set your mind to. With correct help and guidance, you will achieve it so much easier.

Wanting to improve your overall health and fitness?

Wanting to get fit and healthy again but not sure where/how to start?

Struggling to start and then stick to a training program?

Limited time available?

I know exactly how you feel!
i have been there!

After the birth of my baby boy, I also thought that I would never look the same again (because that is what everyone is telling you). But all I wanted was to be fit and healthy in order to being able to play and keep up with my very active boy.
Yes, it is daunting and overwhelming BUT it is doable, and I am right here to hold your hand and to help you!
With the right advice and guidance, you can get yourself back on track and feel the best that you have ever done!

Yes! I definitely want to know more about the online coaching services!

No injury but...

Wanting to lose weight?

Struggling to get rid of the extra few kilograms after having a baby?

Over the age of 35?

Love seeing other women's results and not sure how to get the results yourself?

Yes, I am a mother and I am over the age of 35! 

I have decided that I won't be a statistic and being one of those women who hides behind the fact that they were pregnant, gave birth and is now a mother and therefore my body can never look the same again.
Honestly, that is nonsense! And you can look and feel great.
I look better now than I did before falling pregnant! So, if I can do it, so can you! And I am right here to help you!

Yes, I want to look and feel my best and I need help!

Weight loss...




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